The Department of Chemistry at Cinvestav performs cutting-edge research in bioinorganic chemistry, green chemistry, catalysis, organometallic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, chemical synthesis, theoretical chemistry, electrochemistry, thermochemistry, magnetochemistry and medicinal chemistry. Several research projects are focused on solving some of the most pressing problems our society and the world are facing. Health, climate change, sustainability and energy storage are some of the projects under study.

The Department of Chemistry offers graduate studies at doctoral level in chemical sciences. Students are admitted directly from the undergraduate studies. Our doctoral program is ranked by Conacyt as Internationally Competitive and is completely free. The central part of the graduate program is the development of an original and scientifically relevant research project, under the guidance of one of our Research Professors. The program duration is approximately of five years. During this period, students are eligible to obtain a doctoral level scholarship granted by Conacyt.

The Department of Chemistry was founded in 1965; with around 2,000 original publications and over 200 chemical science doctoral graduates, is a leading institution in Mexico and Latin America, holding wide international recognition. Our graduates are appointed as professors in diverse national and international academic institutions, some others are actively engaged in the chemical industry. Currently, the Department of Chemistry is composed of 35 doctoral students, 5 postdoctoral researchers, 18 Research Professors, 25 Research Associates, 20 technical and supporting staff members and a variable number of undergraduate students pursuing undergraduate final research projects or social service.


Jefatura del Departamento de Química
Dr. Jorge Tiburcio Báez
Tel: 55 57473721

Secretaria Jefatura
Lorena Sanchez Mendoza
Tel: 55 57 47 38 00 ext 4408

Coordinación Académica
Dra. Patrizia Calaminici
Tel. 55 5747-3911

Secretaria Coordinación Académica
Ma. de Lourdes Murillo Escutia
Tel: 55 57 47 38 00 ext 4443